Monday, April 26, 2010

OH, Blind me~!

Hello everyone (:

It's my first day with my new classmates, TE0904P. After being transferred from my specialization module, 'Computer Networking' to 'Wireless Technology' due to some competition schedule.

Barry, the new classmate which I made friend from my previous TE0904L will be in the same class as me because of the competition too.

We had an early lunch break and we decided to find our previous classmates to talk or probably have lunch together. While we were talking, I walked around the grass patch and saw this 'green thingy' among the grass. The thought that came to me was, it's just an 'ALGAE'. I happily stepped it, smeared it round the grass. They asked what was that, so I went near them and answered, It's just Algae out of nowhere.

Qi Yun: Eh! How come got smelly smell sia!?
Thinking to myself, I was like OH SHUCKS, don't tell me what I stepped was a pile of dung and not an algae?
Ezra: I think it's my shoe and began running towards the toilet to find ways to wash it off.

I literally looked on the ground to find objects for digging the gruesome stuff off my shoe. I felt embarassed because there was 2 boys entering the toilet and they smelt the stench of the dung and thought of going somewhere else.

Ezra: Sorry!
Boy: Why?
Ezra: Because the smell is coming from my shoe.
Boy: Oh, you stepped on those things uh?
Ezra: erm...yah.
Boy: Oh icic. I thought was some inconsiderate idiot, who did their business without flushing again!
Ezra: Hahas, but apparently not.

In the end, I managed to clean 99.95% of the shoe and kinda get rid of the stench. If not, I doubt I'll be able to enter the classroom with it.
Please. don't ask me where is the remaining 0.05% of it!
Probably still on the sole? =X

OH YAH, Today is Edison's Enlistment Day!!
Awww....gonna miss you dude!
See you soon alright!

That's all Folks! (:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2nd Term Examination are OVER!

Hello peeps!

Long time no blog, I thought you busy. (LOLS RANDOM-NESS)

Wait! wait! Do you get the gist of the joke?
It's actually...Long time no see, I thought you mati.
but I changed it.

Today, marks the end of my last paper for this term. I hope my time of studying is paid off.
I shall bid farewell to CMN & DPA exams. I'm starting my holidays next week and I'm not having the mood of it, because I've to go school to complete my aeroplane project and stuff.

Happy Birthday, Mummy!!

That's All Folks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stayed back after school on Tuesday

Hellos! (:

Today's PE lesson, my classmates didn't play floorball as we didn't want to play with the 2nd year students. I went to the gym awhile before playing badminton and my other friends went to play basketball instead.

I stayed back in school after my lesson to do the RC-Aeroplane project as Chinese New Year & Exams are round the corner so we've to somehow start completing the actual plane. I was still in school at around 7.35pm, when Mr. Tony suggested to have dinner at Bedok 85 market.

Apparently, he keep imitating my voice as he claims that I sounded like 'out of tune' aka 'Zao-Xia'. At times, he would say 'Ezra, how come you're able to eat when there is something stuck in my mouth already?' ('something' refers to stuff that make my voice Zao-Xia)

I was like? WHAT!
Because my Adam's apple is big that's is why I sounded like this.
He said: Oh, SORRY to the Biggest Adam's apple among all of us.

I've come to my senses. Initially, my classmate was talking about it and I thought they are lying. Now....Mr. Tony, Mark, Jakie & Zhi Hao is laughing about it, I suppose it's quite true.


He treated us Ba-Chor Mee, Chicken Wings & Dessert, Chocolate Ice Kachang!
During dinner, Mr. Tony asked me something.

Tony: Ezra, How are you going back?
Me: Duh, your car? Hmmm....ask Zhi Hao.
(because I thought Mr. Tony going to alight him at the MRT station, so am I)
Tony: Why Zhi Hao? I fetching him to Yishun.
Me: what? DON'T BLUFF!
Me: OH YAH HOR! He live in the West, so it's along the way for you.

After dinner, as we were walking back to the car park we cut through the blocks and there was another car park.

I gave a random comment by saying: Eh! It's funny lei, How can 5 person who didn't drink any alcohol can walk into the wrong car park? The the next moment, I realise I made a fool of myself
(cause it's the wrong car park) =X

They laughed at me cause i put on the seat-belt when i sat in the centre. True enough, while waiting for the pedestrain to cross at the junction at the police station there. They were laughing at my jokes and there was this indian man who walked and almost knocked him down cause of the Blindspot of the car and didn't pay attention obviously. Anyway, he alighted me at one of bus no. 72 bus-stops.

When i reached home, Jakie told me to read his PM on his msn.

That's All Folks!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Norm Wednesday!


I overslept on a Wednesday morning again, setting my alarm clock to ring at 6am but it didn't.

You wanna know why? My phone's profile was set to 'Silent-Mode', so it basically lights up the screen but doesn't make a single noise at all. So, i woke up @ 7am and get myself ready hurriedly, skipping my breakfast at the coffeeshop and rush to the bus stop.

Thank the Lord, I was able to make it to school at around 8.15am because while I had cross the road near my house, the bus actually arrived and I kind of missed my bus. On the bus, I saw this man who wore this exact, same, identical Nike shoe of mine.

I was like You've gotta be kidding me, so coincidental?
As in, who would travel all the way to Queensway to buy shoe like Edison & myself?
Hmmmm....Actually alot people (:

Both practical labs were interesting today! Many claim it's like the best lesson ever because we can use the computer to play games after lab work.

Whatever games, you name it,

- Counter-Strike
- Dota
- Daytona
- Plant vs. Zombie
- Left 4 Dead
-Need For Speed

Sorry, I'm not promoting games here.
It's just that lost my thoughts of what to blog about.

Oh yah, This Friday it's my DPA Commontest starting at 3pm-4.30pm. I've no idea why is it later than the previous commontest I took. I really hope to do well cause, I kinda have not much confidence in this paper.

Gotta study already.

See you!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Short lesson on Thursday!


I always look forward to Thursday because it's the only day that my lesson starts late. I woke up alittle earlier to do some revision before leaving the house. I fasted breakfast in the morning, and I was asking Him, how to pray in school? Because, I don't think I can find the time and place.

Just close your eyes and imagine with me, I excuse myself to the toilet, close the cubical door and start to pray? Won't it be weird if someone walked in to use the toilet and hear someone's mumbling in the toilet. First impression: Freak out!

God impressed to me by asking me to pray while walking to the bus-stop. My initial thought was, are you serious? cause I everyday will walk past a market and shop outlets so there will be someone looking at me.

Today, I've decided to walk outside the block. I cut through the grass patch to walk and praying at the same time. When I was about to reached the bus-stop, I sat down at the block to continue pray until the bus come. Through the whole journey, I was able to pray without anyone interferring or being disturbed. It's really amazing how God works, right?

I went to school for like 3 hours only, because my afternoon's lesson was cancelled.
10am - 1pm? Shiok! But the sad thing is, tomorrow I'm having CMN Commontest at 2.30pm!

I bought dinner for myself after exercising at the Physical corner below my block. There's this Indian uncle in the same lift as me, he pressed the 12th floor and i pressed mine. I was having this random thought while walking out the lift, what would happen if someone attacked me from behind when I'm feeling shag after exercise? I turned back my head and saw the uncle behind me, I was like WOAH, WHAT! He mistaken my floor for his floor and hurriedly when back to the lift. For that split second, I wanted to jump and shout cause I'm shocked and can't possibly be so coincidence.

You laugh at me? next time you face it, I'll see (:

See ya, I've gotta study for tomorrow's mini exam!

That's about all!

Friday, January 8, 2010

First week of school 2010

Hello peeps!


From Youth Camp --> Christmas Service --> Watchnite Service.
It's a whole chunk of fun and bonding with the youths. There are tons of stuff to blog about, but I was rather busy, tired and lazy to do so, sorry for waiting for my blog to update!

First week of school:

It was a HECTIC week for me. Some of you all might have known that I was supposed to come back to school during the holidays to complete the mini project, but teacher postponed the lesson till further notice.

On Monday, he told us that only those who had submitted earlier will be counted. Though, I've submitted my project on his desk. I realise I didn't finish the project completely as in there were still some loop-holes.

On Wednesday, I collected back and hurriedly spot my errors and managed to submit on time.

I actually could scored an 'A' for the project, but thanks to the careless stuff i did, dropped my grade to 'A-'. I was anxious to submit hurriedly as the time is running up, i accidentally put the Integrated Chip (IC) the opposite direction of the Holder. Which causes the chip to heat up and as i wasn't able to find my error, my teacher went to touch the chip and burnt his finger.

On Thursday, another project was briefed to us. I think it will be as challenging as the CMN mini project because it's quite similar but in addition of programming the board. It sounds cool but the progress is quite tedious.

On Friday, I supposedly need to go back for my WSS training (special programme). He told me, since almost everyone can't catch up with the intensive study might as well try this new event. I really pray that if I join this, wouldn't add on to my burden. I'm quite afraid that i can't juggle so many stuff and who knows breakdown? In the end, teacher encouraged me to join a "building a flying aircraft competition".

Hectic or Fun week? (:

Alright, That's All Folks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last day of school 2009

Today's actually the official last lesson for year 2009.
Therefore, my Class Advisor(CA) decided to held a mini party celebration for the class to enjoy the last day of school '09.

We brought food and drinks to the 3rd floor of the building where it had enough space for a picnic-like party. The weather was great even though we are under the shelter of the roof. It's was pretty windy though, plastic cups and leftover crumbs roaming here and there on the floor.

My standard class time-table lesson is from Monday - Thursday. But, because I'm having a special study programme on every Friday. Instead, my own time-table is actually Monday - Friday.

After the party, my friends and I went to student hub, a room where student goes to slack. I went there not to have fun with them instead rushing some last minute homework that i forgotten to pass up.

During MPI lesson, we had a theory test. I would say it was quite okay but just errors here and there. I hope I can do well for it, because there was a section that require us to spot the error & amend it and different people spot different stuffs.

At the end of school, I went to find my teacher to submit an oversea application form and CMN mini-project. I went to meet my classmates and watched "Storm Warrior".
aka Wind & Cloud = Storm. ('As in SERIOUSLY', not that I'm being lame.)

The movie was quite nice because of the sword fighting scenes other then that, the ending was like? T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E

Because it ended at the 'To Be Continued' type of shots, my friends were like? WHAT, LIKE THAT END AH? I don't wish to elaborate on the scene cause you will catch no balls by not knowing the storyline.

DGM was telling me the movie's ending is like 'DUHz' and I told Zhi Xiang before we catch the show. When we came out of the theater, he said: Wah! Really lei, the ending like that? Cannot believe sia, scam my money. LOLS

In the end, we took bus service no.81 from Tampines to get back home. On the bus was Zhi Xiang, Mash, Jue Liang, Wai Kiat and myself. Along the way after Xiang & Mash alighted, Jue Liang suggested to change bus to service no.53 for fun or something. Phew, I'm able to take the same bus with them as we live quite near each other although i do not know which part of Hougang does he live in.


That's All Folks (: